When to Schedule Your Lexus for Service

Posted by Lexus of Calgary on Sep 13, 2018 8:27:22 AM

For many drivers, scheduling a service appointment is yet another errand on the seemingly endless to-do list.  However, thanks to our complimentary VIP Services, Lexus drivers in Calgary look forward to regular vehicle maintenance.  But, it can be hard to know how often to schedule a service appointment, or even remember when you last came in. (We get it – life is busy!)

Are you unsure about the ideal maintenance schedule for your Lexus? Here is what you need to know.

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The First-Ever Lexus UX Is On Its Way to Calgary

Posted by Lexus of Calgary on Sep 10, 2018 11:47:25 AM

The first ever Lexus UX has finally made its debut. A daring crossover, it is unlike anything else in its class.   Here at Lexus of Calgary, we cannot wait for the UX to go on sale early next year. This new Lexus model will be the perfect fit for our Calgary guests who like to make a statement. 

Excited? You should be! Take a closer look at the new Lexus UX.

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Treat Your Lexus with This Summer Inspection Offer ☀️

Posted by Lexus of Calgary on Aug 9, 2018 12:19:20 PM

Summer sure is a fun time to cruise around in your Lexus, whether you are buzzing around Calgary or hitting the road for a longer road trip. Because you may be putting on a few more miles than usual this season, it is important that your Lexus receives a thorough summer inspection.

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How to Pick Your Perfect Lexus Car or SUV

Posted by Lexus of Calgary on Aug 8, 2018 8:09:04 AM

Ready to pick out your dream Lexus?

Before you begin shopping in person or online, we recommend you narrow down your decision to get a better idea of what you need out of your Lexus. 

Do not settle for less! Get a Lexus customized to your exact specifications. Here is how to discover your new Lexus in three easy steps. 

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What We Know About the Next Generation 2019 Lexus ES

Posted by Lexus of Calgary on Aug 2, 2018 10:50:35 AM

Lexus drivers, there is a new sedan on the way that is set to redefine luxury. The seventh-generation Lexus ES will be here soon, and we want our Calgary guests to be the first to know what to expect. 

With a new chassis, more space and better noise-control, and the first ES F SPORT, the 2019 Lexus ES is already making a big impression. 

We take a look at the Design & Style, Performance & Handling, and Comfort, Technology, & Safety of the new model. This is what we have been waiting for.

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